Stupid comments

3 12 2013

I regularly make the mistake of reading comments online. Sometimes, I respond to them, but frequently, there are so many ignorant comments that I just can’t respond to any of them without feeling like I should respond to all of them. So instead, since I feel the need to rant, I’m going to occasionally do that here.

Today, the comments in question are from NBC 7 San Diego’s post about Amazon wanting to use drones for delivery:

Note that I’m not weighing in on the idea either way – there are a number of legitimate problems with it. What annoys me is the ability of people to think critically. I’ll call out a few representative comments:

Someone might shoot down the drones and steal the order

Yeah, they might, but that would be a serious crime that would be very likely to be noticed, and since the would-be thief wouldn’t know the contents – and thus value – of the package, it doesn’t seem like it would happen very often. It seems like it’d be easier and more profitable to hold up a FedEx truck. Besides, theft is something that happens with existing delivery mechanisms, and both consumers and retailers manage to deal with it.

does anyone really need their pkg that fast?

Gee, I don’t know. Is every single purchase you make something you’re willing to wait 2+ days for, or are there some things that you actually want right away? Thought so.

how many more jobs shall we take away?

This one really gets to me whenever it comes up, and it’s part of a bigger problem with people being generally ignorant of economics. Yes, technological advances can cause short term job displacement, which sucks for the people affected, but in the long run those people are freed up to do other things which ultimately improves everyone’s standard of living. Look at all of the types of jobs that people have today that didn’t even exist a couple of decades ago. I, for one, am glad for the technological advances that allow me to work as a software engineer, rather than having to spend my whole day growing food for my family.

Sorry, but I don’t think this is true. Please check your sources.

This blows my mind, but there are few comments like this. Look, I’m all for people being skeptical of things they read online – I wish more people were like that – but this story is easily verifiable.

I really need to stop reading comments.