Fitness log, 2/9/10

9 02 2010

I seem to be stalling a little bit, although I guess most people would consider losing a pound pretty good. I’m slightly disappointed, though, because last week I was pretty rock solid with my diet, I got all 4 weight training sessions in, and I ran 3 times, including two runs of 4 miles, one of which I did in slightly under 40 minutes. We’ll see what happens this week. I’m spending the weekend with Amy (yay!) so we’ll see how consistent I can be!

I noticed that my hits on this blog spiked yesterday, despite not having an update. I guess that means people are expecting a Monday update? I’d better strive to not be late again!

Weight: 223.5
BF%: 29

Jan 1st starting weight: 232.5
Starting BF%: 31




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9 02 2010

I hate those weeks where you have solid training but see minimal loss. I train at Revolution MMA here in Toronto so most of my workouts are high intensity cardio and combat fitness with the medicine ball. A few weeks I have actually trained 5 times (mon/wed/fri 45 min combat fitness, mon/wed 1.5hr muay thai, tues/thurs minimal weight + 30 min cardio) and kept my diet flawless.. but actually managed to go positive on the scales due to increased muscle mass… even though I know what it’s from it can still be a downer.

9 02 2010
Success Warrior

It’s a pound more than I lost this week.

9 02 2010

I really shouldn’t worry so much about the weight, because I know damn well that it’s possible to lose fat without having my scale weight change, and I definitely feel more solid already. But I’ve got a weight goal to reach, damnit!

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