Fitness log, 1/25/10

25 01 2010

Awesome progress this week, which is a pretty good reward for being pretty consistent with my workouts. I weight trained 4 days and ran twice, both as scheduled. I was also pretty good with not eating garbage. Initially, I’d set a goal of hitting 220 by the end of January. I didn’t think that was realistic, based on my past experience, but decided to go for it anyway. I still think I was correct in that assessment, but if I have another week like last one, I’ll get pretty close!

The program I’m on has you record your max in several exercises at the beginning and end of the program (which takes 16 weeks), so I did that this weekend, and this is where I’m at:

Box squat: 315 lbs
Benchpress: n/a
Deadlift: 385 lbs
Chinups: 4 @ bodyweight
Broadjump: 66″

I’ve never done box squats before this program, and I quite like them. I’m not able to benchpress for 2 reasons: 1) my shoulder is still injured, making it rather dangerous and painful, and 2) I’m not going to max on benching without a reliable partner. I’m disappointed with the deadlift a bit because I pulled 405 back in the fall, but I haven’t been very consistent since then, so I guess that’s understandable. I tried pulling 395, but wasn’t able to get it past my knees. The program actually calls to do 3 chinups with as much weight as possible on a weight belt or vest, but since I don’t have either of those things, I’m just going to do as many as I can at my bodyweight.

Weight: 225.5
BF%: 31




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26 01 2010

I think people following your progress would appreciate knowing where you started in these posts (it’s easy to forget). Any chance you could print up your original Weight, BMI in these posts? It just will make what you are doing more impressive if we can see both and not have to search back through earlier posts.


26 01 2010
Success Warrior

I suck at chin-ups for some reason. My body just doesn’t like them.

Good move on the bench press. Way too dangerous.

26 01 2010

Matthew (I wonder which one?): That’s a good idea. I’ll include that in my next update. The question is which starting weight I use. I started losing weight in earnest last April, when I was at 260. I stalled for 3 months and started up again at the beginning of this year, at which point I weighted 233 (after getting as low as 215).

Alan: I only got 4, and the last one was sloppy, so I’d say I suck too.

Bench pressing was how I hurt my shoulder in the first place. There’s a lot of debate in the strength and bodybuilding communities over the value of the bench press for chest development in relation to how hard it is on you, to your shoulders in particular. Since I’ve had shoulder problems, I’d opted to replace it with overhead pressing and cable chest presses. I’m going to have to substitute the latter for this program.

26 01 2010

I’m just a lurker 🙂 ukdm on GameDev

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