Fitness log, 1/19/10

19 01 2010

Thanks largely to my trip to Finland, last week was a disaster. I was in meetings all day, and jetlagged, so the last thing I wanted to do when I got to the hotel was go to the gym. On top of that, it takes more willpower than I have to make strictly healthy choices when eating out every meal on someone else’s dime.

When I got back, I immediately got back on the wagon, though, and managed to make some progress. I’ve been on several more runs, though I’m having difficulty pushing it past 2 miles. Based on my previous experience, that should change in a couple of weeks if I stick with it.

I also officially started training using the program in Eric Cressey’s Maximum Strength. I’m going to have to modify it slightly due to the fact that my shoulder really doesn’t like the bench press these days, but overall I like the program. It includes soft tissue work using foam rollers and a tennis ball. I’ve never done any of that before, and I’m still waiting for my foam roller to arrive, but if the tennis ball work is any indication, this is going to be PAINFUL. But a necessary pain, at least.

Weight: 229.5
BF%: 31




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20 01 2010
Success Warrior

I don’t think that I could eat well either under those circumstances. I think that’s why January and on works well for me for focusing on fitness. I don’t eat as well in the summer or around the holidays but there is nothing happening between now and May (that I know of) to distract me as far as food goes.

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