Fitness log, 1/5/10

5 01 2010

Well, since my last fitness update, things haven’t gone too well, and my weight has managed to climb back up some more. I’ve still got Ragnar looming in June, and plenty of time to get ready for it, but I need to start getting my ass back in gear NOW. So it’s time to put this out there in the public and make myself accountable.

Until Ragnar at least, I’m going to make a habit of posting weekly with my weight and bodyfat percentage (according to my Tanita scale, which seems to run high), as well as my exercise regimen.

My diet is going to be the high protein, low carb, moderate fat, “real” food diet that has worked for me so well in the past. I’ve mostly stuck to it anyway, but there has been a LOT of cheating. I’m probably going to be drinking a lot of protein shakes, and may even go full on Velocity Diet to jump start things.

For exercise, I’ll be focusing on weightlifting, as always. This week, I’ll get myself back into the grove, with some light work, before starting a real program. I’ll also be running twice a week, with one long run, and one short run. Right now, I don’t expect long to be very long. On non-running days, I’ll be doing HIIT or circuits.

I’m still having issues with my shoulder, and I seem to have developed a problem in my left hip, but hopefully those won’t limit me too much.

Weight: 232.5
BF%: 31




3 responses

5 01 2010
Success Warrior

I’ll be following along and wishing you the best.

You’re the second person that I know that’s going to be doing the Ragnar.

12 01 2010

A good friend of mine did Ragnar here in FL not too long ago. She went through some intense training prior to the race. Good luck.

Oh, and it’s time for your weekly update…

13 01 2010

I just posted it! I hate how travel messes with my training. I’ve gotta do better with that.

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