Origins of a name

2 11 2009

I’ve been asked a few times where the name Myopic Rhino originates. To answer that, I need to go back to high school.

Back then, my friends and I had a little band called Deviants, for whom I played the drums and sometimes even sang. We rarely practiced, but we wrote a lot of songs, and even put together an album called Lunatic Lovers Lane, which we distributed to maybe a dozen of our friends. Most of our songs had meaning, but a few of were outright goofy, such as Spaghetti for Breakfast, or Megan, a polka with lyrics such as:

Megan, Megan, Megan
We’re glad you’re not a pagan
Megan, Megan, Megan
We’d shoot you with a ray gun
Megan, Megan, Megan
We’re glad you’re not a pagan
Megan, Megan, Megan
No lunch with Ronnie Reagan

After my mission, Greg Bair – one of the founding Deviants – and myself briefly flirted with the idea of starting another band, slightly more serious than Deviants. Greg was reading Jurassic Park at the time, and inspired by a line about the triceratops being nearsighted like the rhino, he suggested that we call our band Myopic Rhino. Sadly, other than writing lyrics to a few songs, we never actually did anything with the band.

Fast forward to… oh, I dunno, 1997 or so. I was just getting started on the Internet, visiting a few game programming websites. I eventually found the forums and wanted to start posting. Needing a cool sounding alias, I searched the recesses of my mind and came across our old band name. I’d always loved the name, and since we never really used it, I thought I just as well put it to use. I soon started my own website, called Myopic Rhino’s Game Programming Savanna. Soon, the name was pretty well known among the hobbyist game development community, especially as rose to prominence.

As my professional career has advances, I’ve switched to mostly using my real name, but since Myopic Rhino (or myopicrhino) is unique, I still use it as my screen name for many websites, including this one, Twitter, and even Facebook.

So thanks, Greg, for coming up with an awesome name that has served me well.




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2 11 2009
Success Warrior

Well, okay then.

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