An Open Letter to PETA

25 03 2009

Dear PETA,

Thank you so much for developing and promoting the game Cooking Mama, Mama Kills Animals. I believe that there are many people who eat meat who are oblivious of the process involved. Sadly, we have become so far removed from the source of our food that most are completely ignorant of the things illustrated in this game.

Thank you for reminding us all of the heroic efforts needed to put the meat on the shelves of our grocery stores and butchers. If not for their contributions to our society, it’s unlikely that I would have time to obtain the meat that I typically eat at three or more meals every single day. So, after playing your wonderful game for several hours this afternoon, I said a silent prayer of appreciation for the people who killed and butchered the cow who produced the delicious, medium-rare porterhouse that I devoured at dinner tonight.

Again, my sincerest appreciation for your role in bringing attention to this beautiful arc in the circle of life. People Eating Tasty Animals, indeed!

Warm (like the center of my porterhouse, ha!) regards,

Dave Astle
Temecula, CA




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