Brief thoughts on the election

30 10 2008

So, the election is almost here, and it seems like the hot topic around here is Prop 8. I’m kinda tired of hearing/talking about it, so I’m glad we have less than a week left.

I’ve laregly lost interest in the presidential race. It doesn’t really matter who wins. Congress, the Fed, and the Treasury are going out of their way to destroy America as we know it, and neither candidate is going to do anything radical to change that. I will say, though, that I think it’s sad that the best tactic McCain has at this point is to make people fear the other guy. Sad, sad, sad.

I also found out that Chuck Baldwin isn’t even on the California ballot, and I don’t really want to vote for Bob Barr. Apparently, however, I can write in Ron Paul and it’ll count, so that’s what I’m going to do. Since I posted last, I’ve read a lot more about him and his views, and I’m convinced that his ideas and vision are the right ones for America.

I was happy to see that my Rep, Darrell Issa, voted against the bailout. Unfortunately, he voted for and still supports the Patriot Act, and there’s a libertarian candidate running for his seat, so that guy (whose name I can’t even remember) gets my vote.




2 responses

27 01 2009
Success Warrior

It was much easier for me to catch up on your blog than it will be for you to catch up on mine. =)

27 01 2009

Yeah, I’m afraid I’m not a very good blogger.

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