How I’m voting

26 09 2008

I’ve been spending a lot of time lately thinking about how I’m going to vote this year. I don’t really feel that either McCain or Obama represents my beliefs very well.

I used to like McCain, and I think that if we’d had him instead of Bush for the past 8 years, we’d be in a lot better shape. But I’ve seen him compromise his principles too many times to respect him.

I like Obama. I don’t agree with his ideas on a lot of things, but I think he’s a smart guy. Unlike most candidates, I think that he will make decisions based on logic and reason rather than ingrained ideologies. Because of that, I think that he has some chance of changing some of the things that I think are wrong with America. If I were limited to only two choices, or bought into the whole “you have to vote for someone who can win” philosophy, I’d vote for Obama.

But after discussing this with a friend of mine, I’ve come to the conclusion that voting for a third party isn’t throwing my vote away. The two party system is a big part of our problem. It limits our capacity to change things that aren’t working.

So I’m voting for a third party, knowing that he won’t win, but hoping that if enough people do this, that in the next election, or the one after that, the two party system will break down and we’ll start to have more options at election time.

If he were still a candidate, I’d vote for Ron Paul. Which honestly, surprises me. Up until recently, I hadn’t taken a close look at Ron Paul, because I was turned off by how rabid his supporters are. But once investigated what his positions actually are, I found that they were actually pretty close to my own.

I’m particularly impressed with his views on the economy and financial issues, which stem from the Austrian school of economics. Look back at what Ron Paul and guys like Lew Rockwell and Peter Schiff have been saying for a long time, and how right they were predicting the current financial disaster. It all makes a lot of sense to me.

Anyway, Ron Paul isn’t a candidate, so I’m probably voting for Chuck Baldwin, whom Paul recently endorsed. I’m not entirely comfortable with some of his positions or his party, and honestly, if I thought he could win it may give me pause, but I’m not so much voting for him as I am voting for change – not the relatively minor tweaking that I think Obama could bring, but major change to our entire political system.

If you’re undecided about the election, or dissatisfied with the direction our government is taking, I’d encourage you to at least spend a little time checking out the alternatives.




4 responses

26 09 2008

It is brave to be so specific in how you are voting. I am biting my tongue at your admission of previously liking of McCain. 😉

26 09 2008

Lol, no need to bite your tongue. I used to respect the fact that McCain seemed willing to stick to his principles even if it cost him politically, something which I value highly. However, it’s become clear that even if that were once true, it no longer is.

26 09 2008

My good little sister and I had a bit of a knock-down, drag-out about this whole throw your vote away. This is what we said:

I agree with you that there are probably better candidataes out there, but why would you waste a vote on someone who has absolutely no chance of making it to the white house? Why not elect the lesser of 2 evils, if not just to prevent the worst of the 2 from becoming president. I plan to use my vote to elect someone who will do the best job possible, not just use my vote to make a statement about my independent beliefs. I also realize that you are a strict non-conformist… Whether you like it or not, this race is between McCain and Obama. So I will assume that an attack on Obama is in support of McCain, because come election day, that’s what it will be.

Good response. Fiery and with a smack of logic. I like it.

It is not non-conformism that drives me (and many others). Non-conformism, on its own, would only be contrarian, and not very useful… It was not intended. I hope to be motivated by freedom and it being equally protected for all of us.

Your Obama seems like a nice fellow, but his idea of equality is different than mine: forced charity at the hands of the tax collectors, forced health care in the hands of bureaucrats, forced wars against Iran and Afghanistan and as I write this now, he’s working with Bush, McCain and an immoral Congress to grease through the greatest illegal bailout/plunder in my lifetime.

I’d rather be guilty of trying too hard to convince people through any wits I can muster and rationale, than to ever vote for someone who would force people to think his way via the club of the law.

So, you’re probably right. Let’s swallow the propagandists “wasted vote” line and keep reinstating lesser-of-evil cruds for rulers. Then, let’s logically follow through and declare our democratic republic to be dead, in favor of this plutocratic kleptocracy.

I’m going to waste my vote and spare my conscience, and certainly have the effect of reducing some jackass politician’s multi-million vote mandate by one insignificant vote.

29 09 2008

I think that makes a whole lot of sense and is very well thought out! Good for you!

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