Here we go…

16 09 2008

After much dithering, I decided to go ahead and start a blog again. I used to keep a developer journal at, but updated it rather infrequently before giving it up a few years ago. I’ve been hesitant to start again, contenting myself with Twitter and Facebook updates, but sometimes, I find myself wanting to say more than what is practical for those avenues. So here we are.

I make no promises about how often I’ll update this, and I have no intended theme other than whatever interests me at the moment. But hopefully it’ll be at least somewhat interesting.




3 responses

16 09 2008

Myopic Rhino’s a cool name. Where’d you get it?

16 09 2008

First post! I think I want to start a blog too. What made you choose wordpress over the oogles of other blogging software?

16 09 2008

Greg, I stole it from a really cool guy I know. I think I’ll make a post in the next day or two about the origin of the name.

Drew, mostly just the fact that this is what my wife uses, and she likes it.

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